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Sorry for all these posts.

You could also add support for better syncing between this and the common OSs so this project can feel better adoption. The world needs another useful desktop OS. Phones are all the fab, but that will go soon. Find other Java OS projects and gather more info and code from them-I have listed a few here:

JX:OS based on Java micro kennel, very small made for competition with UNIX. It contains language based protection and inter process communication. View it at

JOS:Another Java OS not so much known see it at

JAW OS: A Java OS made mainly to run Java web apps see it at

Me again

Like I said earlier I love your project. Java is coming back into fashion and I hear JAVA to the power of 10. I think people now will find this project interesting and useful with virtual machine's sake. Just keep it active!

This has a potential to be bot a common PC OS for normal folks because there are so many Java apps around (hope Oracle doesn't kill Java Store) and a Server OS for running Java EE apps.

Jnode has great potential!

Jnode Development

When will the new release of Jnode be released. Like 0.29/0.30. I hope this project is not dead. Tell me about development status. This site has gotten quiet. Still like the idea of an OS on VM. This is the year of the virtual machine. Keep work up. Great OS. I could test the OS with Core 2 Duo 2.26Ghz, 250GB HD,2GB RAM. Keep the work up!

I got a few ideas here. Qt Jambi support, Scala support, include popular Java apps like Lobo and Open Printer support, 3D support via lg3d ( now dead, but good idea ), support for running Java ME apps to attract mobile developers.

Keep the work up because Java 7's coming soon and you next major version should support it. Oh and make it more DB friendly for Oracle, like the storage via Java DB idea.

Keep up the GOOD WORK!

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