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JNode is running great in Hyper-V.

If you're using Windows 8, Hyper-V is a natural choice since it comes with the OS.
To run JNode on it, just create a simple virtual machine and use one of the JNode iso files to boot from.

You can also safely play with harddisks. I created a virtual harddisk (VHD format) and mapped it under IDE 0.
When you are not running this virtual machine, you can use the Windows Disk Management to attach the VHD in Windows. This enables you to create/view partitions, format and even read/write data on it.

For now JNode is not aware that it is running in Hyper-V. I hope to add that in the future. Then JNode can also signal to Hyper-V that it is still alive and all kinds of other goodies.

AMD64 port

The AMD64 port is slowly but surely becoming a reality.
There are still a few bugs to solve, but at least i'm now able to boot JNode and run some commands.

New GC support

I'm currenly trying to integrate MMTK (from JikesRVM) into JNode.
This is still not trivial, because of the differences in build policies between the two. JikesRVM is used to build using various template tools, preprocessors etc, while JNode uses a plain java build.

Also the MMTK requires some compiler magic, which means that it uses a few classes that are handled differently by the native code compiler. These classes are about raw memory access etc.

Anyway hope this will result in a better GC soon.


Website update

Today i'm updating the website to the latest drupal version.

This may cause some invalid pages, but it allows us many interesting new functions.

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