Missing Packages in Jnode 0.2.8

Project:JNode Core
Category:bug report

In building and running JNode 0.2.8 and testing new apps and commands, I noticed that packages such as sun.management and its subpackages are in the source code, get compiled, yet never get included in any of the plugins. As a result they are missing from JNode. I believe the cause of this is that these packages do not appear in any of the descriptor files in any of the JNode projects.

So I took a survey of exactly what packages are in the plugin jar files and compared those packages to what is in the source code and is being built. I found that there are 526 missing packages. I've attached a complete list of those to this post.

In my own build I sorted these packages into 15 categories, created a descriptor for each category, and included them all in system-plugin-list.xml. All of the packages are then included in the build.

This is a quick and dirty solution to include the missing packages. But I think a better solution would be to include most of them in rt_0.2.8.jar and then carefully place the rest in other existing plugins. And perhaps some of the packages under org.jnode were just there for testing and never meant to included in a build.

jnode-missing-pkgs.txt17.5 KB