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Hello Peter/Fabien,

I am putting a request to both you. I dont know will it be possible or not!

Can u add email service to the site eg: if any new post comes, the email should appear to users?


How to look into the Unsafe.debug ?

What are the possible ways for looking into the Unsafe.debug() output when JNode is running ?

How to execute a Test code ?


How to execute the test codes in JNode ?

Suppose I kept that file in the org.jnode.test.TestClassInit.java and just recompiled the JNode code tree.

Then when i trying to run the code as Jnode/>org.jnode.test.TestClassInit (enter) then the "Shell Command Exception " like message is coming.

What is the solution point of it ?

Thanks and regards,
Tanmoy Deb

JSR80 model not fit on JNode.!!!

Hai, all

this PDF documents describes the problems of the JNode and JSR80's basic standard API model accompaniments in JNode.

The Docs is here : The PDF :

Welcome comments.

JNode USB device+Port Identifiers

  • USB Device+Port Identifiers
  • This small documents provides "stable" string identifiers for USB devices,appropriate for use in separations and troubleshooting,in JNode.

    The names identify the path used to access a hub port (and hence implicitly identify any device connected there) on a Host.

    If you control the physical cabling of a tree of USB hubs and devices, you control the devices associated with these names.If you don't rewire your USB tree, port identifiers won't change.When you do switch cables, you can figure out the new port ids by using the port numbers on your hubs (or positions, for hubs that don't label their ports).

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