im glad i joined this forum. Just want to say hello Smiling


I'd like to know if JNode is still in active development at this time (02/28/12). I haven't seen any current posts. I'm going to contribute to the project, and hope for the best. This seems to be the cause of many projects drying up. The project's community isn't helping out enough, or at all, and obviously the developers can't handle all of the project's weight on their shoulders. So maybe we can revive the project if we get enough of the community to start helping out, by contributing as much time as possible. The community can write the documentation that needs done, so that developers can spend their time "developing". Also we can do any testing and bug reporting that needs to be done.

About Email Response

Hello Peter/Fabien,

I am putting a request to both you. I dont know will it be possible or not!

Can u add email service to the site eg: if any new post comes, the email should appear to users?


Hard drive

Well I downloaded the .iso file and ran it in VMWare. It worked alright, but was pretty sluggish. I have a question: when you start Jnode from the CD on a real machine does it use the hard drive for anything?
More importantly, will it leave any files or do anything to my files all ready on it? (I have Windows XP installed.)


hi to all...
if some 1 can help me to kno,
1.which language is used in background coding for Jnode??
2.whats process management in Jnode??
3.n how to install ths Jnode operatin system

help me out wth these guys

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