The JSR80 Implementation

Project:JNode Core

I started supportings of JSR80 in JNode.

Any Comments/helps are welcome Eye-wink

Nice Tango,

Nice Tango,

I spoke with both Fabien(galatnm) and Ewout some time ago about this task. It's not a small task to interface the current jnode usb api to jsr80, I but I'm glad you're started.


Just started.......

Thanks hagar,
I just complete out the API creation in JNode according to the JSR80.Now, i trying to understand how to implement them with the Cute workings of Ewout in USB portions Smiling.

Martin please,if you can say something more about the Discussion with Ewout and Galatnm; that will help me much.
I have written a USBMice driver with USB80 api level,i want to know more something about the Ideas of Galatnm and Ewout about it.Please help me.I am waiting for your reply.

About javax.usb.Properties file

According to the Javax.usb.* specs i.e JSR-80; i appeared to a question.For That i want the opinions from other JNode friends.

For make JNode specific JSR80 API structure,i need to set up a Platform specific PROPERTIES file which will contain some informations about the Driver (like the TopologyUpdateDelay,QueueSubmissions).
So,please help me should i create a PROPERTIES file as in LInux or a XML file for purely JNode specific(i preferring it)??What will be better(for JNode)?

java properties


there are java properties (java.util.Properties), which can be saved to and read from xml, maybe that suits your need.


Thank you :-)

Thank you very much Smiling

About the API model's overview

here a small documents written to show the primary API model of USB(Universal Serial Bus)driver programming that is compatiable to JSR80 most nearly.

  • Take a look here:The API overview