Preparing for release 0.2.9

JNode has been very quiet for a long time.
Now that we've revived it a bit, I think it is time to stabilize what we have an prepare a new release.
After that we can work on all kinds of new and exciting features.

We've noticed several issues with the IDE drivers. We at least want to fix those.
Please submit other issues that you think should be fixed shortly in our GitHub issue tracker.

Adding milestones ?

What do you think about adding milestones at GitHub ?

I don't know how to use this GitHub feature but I propose to add 0.2.9 and 0.2.10 milestones. This will allow to assign issues to the incoming release or to the next one.
... and after release of JNode 0.2.9, milestone 0.2.11 should be created Eye-wink


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