Open VM tools

VMWare has open sourced some of its tools on sourceforge : open vm tools (Thanks for the news from Ian Rogers).

If we port these tools in java, that may be usefull for JNode. Any volunteer ?

Not just a good idea, but a must for application development

I've been thinking that some similar tooling to facilitate app development is an absolute necessity... What you guys have right now works well for kernel development. But it the real world, usually a simulator is brought up for application developers to develop and test code against without needing to work against the real thing. (Hell, even MS has given away their embedded WinCE/PocketPC simulators for app dev since day one before licensors actually signed on to build hardware.)

Not that it's impossible to do it without such tooling, but having the ability to run/debug code from *within* the IDE on a host system, and deploy-n-run on the guest/simulator automatically without file copy rigamarole and launching manually. (Not to mention debugging...)

A ready to fly image with this kind of tooling already in place and exposed, ready to attach to from Eclipse (or your favorite IDE) so you can start coding... You gotta have that or else you wont get any developers to write useful stuff unless they are of the elete breed tweeked by both kernel/OS *and* application developement and don't mind working through the former to set up a comfortable development environment to begin the latter...

I'll start taking a look; I've been looking for a way in to contributing to this project. If anyone else is already starting this initiative (or if I'm the first and anyone else is interested), I'd rather see this exploratory/development side-project explicitly as a group effort so there's no duplicate effort...

Anyway, end spiel.

We are thinking about ways

We are thinking about ways to make use of the vmware tools release inside jnode. If you are interested in this topic you are welcome to jon us. We are available on IRC too (url in the sidebox: irc://

Good news !!!!

Really it is very interesting to our OpenSource World Smiling.
Thanks to them all must Smiling

We are all ready to make system more robust Smiling