possible setDefaultCloseOperation(JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE) missing

Project:JNode Core
Category:bug report
Status:patch (code needs review)

The following Applications do not exit or finish when the window is closed. Tetris was fixed when I mentioned it to Fabien, however the following have the same problem.

AWTDemo, AWTFrameTest, AWTMenuTest, AWTTest, ConsoleTest, ImageTest, JInternalFrameTest, JTableTest, JTreeTest, MouseEventTest, RobotTest, TextFieldTest

The patch in 'unified diff'

The patch in 'unified diff' format has been committed. Thanks.


Status:active» patch (code needs review)

Fixes for AWTDemo.java


Fixes for AWTFrameTest.

AWTMenuTest has already been fixed.


Cleaning up AWTMenuTest it's problems were in the superclass AWTTest.


Fixes for AWTTest


Fixes for ConsoleTest


I believe I have fixes for the rest of the ones I listed. Some needed setDefaultCloseOperation() as they were JFrame, others needed other solutions depending on each case. I also have updates for all the files in org.jnode.test.gui which should bring them all up to v1.5 compatibility.

Is that package named correctly, or should it be org.jnode.gui.test?


Here it is all 32 diffs in one nice and neat file. Sorry about the multiple replies above. I promise never to do that again. Smiling I'll find other mistakes to make. This diff includes issues_75 thru issues_79 and 28 more which were not previously posted.


Same diff as last time, hopefull with the correct format, the last one was a "context diff", this project seems to use "unified diff". Sorry for the confusion,


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