Virtualisation Services for Desktop based Applications.......Thinking Out Loud.....

Project:JNode Core
Category:feature request

I have an issue with the current architecture of Operating Systems. I have a problem with User Space and File Systems
in most if not all versions of Windows. The only OS that began to treat the issue was BeOS.
Now with that said how difficult would it be to create a User
Space Desktop in which Applications and Software were given
VM's. In each of those VM's a suite of Interdependent and Interelated Applications,Utilities and Services would be bundled together.Each with its own File System a.k.a. BeFS,DBFS or GLS Cube. ( File Systems connected via Java-NFS )
E.G. a MediaMachine,GameMachine,PersonalServer,PersonalOffice
etc.. It would be like having multiple rPath Appliences running
on Linux KVM or Xen.

A better way to do it ....

... would be to use Isolates instead of giving each user a complete JVM.

Running JNode on a PC emulator running on JNode seems a like an insanely expensive approach to me. (At least that's what I think you are suggesting.)

You're 100 % Correct.

You're 100 % Correct. Isolates would be better. Thanks for the hint.


Has anyone looked at JPC ?

JPC is an x86 PC emulator written entirely in Java.


So the concept is simple to start we could utilise JPC when it
matures to run legacy OS's and also to build all of the stated above.
There's one more part to this concept. A Java based software
that allows one to run multiple OS's and VM's on a desktop. For
whatever reason I cannot locate it at Stanford University CS.


Found it. The Stanford Collective Group.