Wanted: On-line, up-to-date JavaDoc documentation.

0.2.7 has been released. Where is the corresponding on-line and up-to-date JavaDoc documentation? JavaDoc helps us comprehend the API, and therefore, write Java code for the operating system. How do I contribute JavaDoc comments to improve the JavaDoc documentation?

The command API, for example, appears to have no interface for a command, and no abstract base class for a command object. It seems to be based upon the reflection API. The JavaDoc documentation should provide contact information for reporting missing or misleading JavaDoc comments, right?


Cannot JavaDoc

In the distr/src/test module, something in the following packages cause a fatal exception in JavaDoc.


I have not yet been able to isolate the specific cause.


The javadoc will need some

The javadoc will need some cleaning up I think, and we should do it soon. It would be more reasonable proabably publishing it after this is done.

How do I contribute?

How do I contribute to the effort to maintain the JavaDoc documentation?

Here are our options:

1. We could put off the JavaDoc comments and the JavaDoc publishing until later.

2. We could clean up the JavaDoc comments now and put off the JavaDoc publishing until later.

3. We could develop a procedure to build a JavaDoc priority list. We can't clean up all JavaDoc at once, can we? When we add a package to our priority list, we add a package to the current status report, expanding the scope of automatically publishing of JavaDoc documentation. The published JavaDoc documentation becomes transparent, always reflecting the current state of the project.

+1 for option 3.

Unofficial on-line JavaDoc documentation

Unofficial JavaDoc documentation for 0.2.7 is available here:


Look at our reports

If you have a look at the "Status" link on the top you'll see this page. It contains the API docs, not for 0.2.7 but for latest trunk.

Moved the Reports

I moved the link to under the developer guide. It makes more sense to have it there, besides it's also more visible there as well.