Issues not auto-closing is not working properly

Project:JNode Website
Category:bug report

I've noticed recently that issues are being automatically updated with the comment:

   Automatically closed -- issue fixed for two weeks with no activity.

but the issue is not showing as 'closed' in the issue tracker. When I close the issue via a comment, the right things happen. For example:


Assigned to:Anonymous» Peter

The problem is another one. Every "auto closing"-comment will be marked spam by our spam filter. As you have the permissions for it you see spam comments directly in the corresponding thread (If you look closely, those comments have a very light red background). As long as a comment is not visible (spam in our case) the status-update is not visible.
For the comment you linked above: Once I pressed "mark as not spam" for the auto-close comment the "closed" change appeared.

So the actual bug is that posts done by cron should never be marked as spam.

Btw, I discovered a further problem with that. Cron tries to close some issues multiple times. 2 weeks after he closed an issue it tries to close it again. Currently I'm deleting those manually, but I'll keep a further look.

Status stays active for the moment.


I think there is something else going on as well. Here is an example where the last comment says 'fixed -> closed', but the main issue says 'fixed'.


Accidently "fixed" it Smiling But I see what you mean and I'll keep my eyes open.


The problem regarding the "closed"-state depends on the way I publish the comment by anonymous.
You can either mark it as not spam and then publish it (the way I did and the way that was wrong) or the other way round which is what you should do.
I'm still keeping this active as these comments should not be marked spam in the first place.


Status:active» fixed

I didn't see this happen anymore and this bug itself will be the "testcase" Smiling