Wildcards in filenames

Project:JNode Shell
Category:bug report

Wildcards in filenames provided for various commands as arguments are not working any more.
For instance:

del *.class

throws an exception.
At least * and ? would be important (and were usable in the past), regular expressions could be considered as a special case.
Wildcards could be used for other kind of arguments too like thread names, thread identifiers, device identifiers, plugin identifiers etc.


What are you doing to get 'del *.class' to throw an exception? For me it fails with the following error message:

Command arguments don't match syntax
  this file or directory does not exist: *.class


I do: set jnode.debug true


I see ... so it is just the normal exception you see in shell debug mode for a command syntax error. Nothing I need to worry about right now.

I'm currently working on getting "bjorne" (which already supports file pattern "globbing") into a state where it can be used as an interactive interpreter; i.e. feature complete, including completion and help support. When that's done I'll figure out how to support globbing in the "redirecting" interpreter.