Annotation handling is broken

Project:JNode Core
Category:bug report

While I was trying to use JUnit 4.5 in JNode, I discovered that Annotation handling is broken.
Running "java org.jnode.test.AnnotationTest" confirmed me that's really broken since no runtime annotations are found for A and B classes.


I have found that getRawAnnotations and getConstantPool methods are not implemented (they return null) in the NativeClass class.
And there is class called ConstantPool in openjdk : since it contains native methods, we have the class NativeConstantPool full of "throw new UnsupportedOperationException()".

So, no luck it could work at the moment Eye-wink


Certain type of anntotations with runtime retenion do work in JNode.
Otherwise how SharedStatics, MagicPermission, Uninterruptible and others would work? They are used even in the core of JNode and they work fine.
So please be more speciffic about what type of annotations do not work in your tests.
As far as I know method parameter annotations with runtime retention do not work in JNode yet but the other cases should be covered including the annotation defaults.