New tracker status: 'invalid' and 'works for me'

Project:JNode Website
Component:User interface
Category:feature request

I would like two new tracker status to be added:
"invalid" would be for bugs, etc where the problem is the users fault, or for issues that are totally bogus.
"works for me" (or "cannot reproduce") would be for bugs that we cannot reproduce.

At the moment, I have to use "fixed" / "closed", "won't fix" or some other status which does not really reflect what I mean.


Assigned to:Anonymous» Peter

I think this is a good idea. I first thought this can not be changed but I saw that it actually is really easy to change the list of possible status.
The current list looks like that:

patch (code needs review)
patch (code needs work)
patch (ready to commit)
won't fix
by design

The possible status a user can select depends on his permission role (non authenticated may do nothing, authenticated users may set one "active" or "patch (code needs review)", developers may do anything).
Besides Steve's suggestion I think we could remove "patch (code needs work)" and "patch (ready to commit)" and add a "rfc patch" (please someone find a better name) entry instead. This status is for developers only, too, and is used for code that you do not want to commit before comments from other devs. Please also consider this new status if you disagree removing the both other patch status.

I assigned this issue to me. When we have a conclusion on the new list I will add it. The new list might look like that:

patch (code needs review)
rfc patch
won't fix
by design
cannot reproduce/works for me


Looks good. I suggest that "rfc patch" could be "patch (comments requested)".


Status:active» fixed

There were no other comments, so I changed it as discussed above.
Marking fixed.


Status:fixed» active

Peter, it looks like you may have missed adding "invalid" and "works for me". At any rate, they are not showing up in the pulldown when I try to add a comment ... like this one.

Update - this appears to be a problem with "add comments". The "issue search" pulldown has all of the new status values.


Status:active» fixed

It was just a permission issue. You should now be able to select it anywhere.


Cool! Thanks!

Aside: I'm thinking of adding a page somewhere to document the meaning of the issue statuses, and to set out some "etiquette" for the use of the tracker. For example, when someone applies a patch to SVN, they should update the issue to say what they have done and (in normal circumstances) mark the issue as fixed.


Status:fixed» closed


Status:closed» active

In reply to Levente's comment here I'm proposing another Status: "needs more work".
So that we can mark a bug/feature request that still needs more work.

If I get no reply with another name suggestion and if no one objects, I'll create the new status end of the week.


The original version was "patch (needs work)", but "needs more work" is good too.

Thought: what we are trying to do is to implement a workflow for patch submission and acceptance without any real infrastructure to support workflows. The best we can do is to use reasonably intuitive names for the status values, and clearly document the status meanings and the intended workflow in a prominent place. And then try to get everyone to stick to it.