Getting the sources

For developing JNode you first need to get the sources. There are basically 3 possible ways to get them with different advantages and disadvantages. These possibilities contain:

  • Getting the sources from our nightly build server. You can find a tar.bzip2 file from here. This is the fastest way to get the sources, but you should not use it for development as it makes it hard to update your local sources once modified.
  • The second possibility is to use SVN, which is our main repository. SVN is easy to use but is a bit slow on the one hand and on the other hand you need access permissions to commit. For getting access permission one has to proove he's able to follow the JNode guidelines.
  • For new developers the recommended way is to use git. We have a git repository that is kept in sync and makes it easy to create patches against trunk.

Have a look at the subpages for a more detailed description of the commands.


As of nov 13, 2013, Github is the primary repository for JNode.

GIT out of date --> use SVN !

GIT end on 2009-06-01: "Fix code that outputs the usage information following a command syntax exception"
This correspond to commit rev 5537 on trunk of the SVN.

>>> Use SVN, it is the only available and up-to-date repository! not available

;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached

It seems that server hosting the nightly build tar.bzip2 is no more available.

(domain registered on dec 30 2007 up to dec 30 2012, not updated since; probably out of date)