persistent file system

How can I setup JNode to use a persistent file. Currently it look like a RAM disk in VMWare player. After a reboot all changes are lost.

If this is currently not possible then can you give me some hints where I can contribute to make this possible.

It should already be possible

You should use VMware server which is free to use (but not open source) but allow to add a virtual hard drive.

I don't remember if that will give you a partitionned disk or not.
If the disk is not partitionned, then you should partition it with the fdisk command (in jnode or in another OS).
After that, you have to use the format command on one of the partition.

All that should be possible but be warned : don't except to save valuable data or keep existing ones safe ... not yet !
The file system that is known to work the best in jnode is ext2. I think fat32 (we call it jfat) is the one coming just after.


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Second Partition

I think you means that I should add a second partition. Why is it not possible to write to the system partition? Is it possible to remove the ram disk plugin? A ram disk is a bad think for a system. It make it impossible to install any or change the configuration.

No, that's not what I said ...

... : a partition is not a disk !
It's possible to write to any partition (system=bootable or not).

Linux live CD are using ramdisk.
You can do what you want without necessarily removing the ramdisk : simply add another disk if you want something persistant.
And yes, it's possible to remove the ramdisk : simply remove the ramdisk plugin from the plugin list (I think it's in default-plugin-list.xml).


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