I think it's time for starting looking at the IP6 layer... If nobody else has started on this matter, I'll slowly start and see how to implement it...

Boss did some work

Martin, do you remember the friend of Tango? I think his name is Boss Jhonson. Afair he worked on IPv6 and had something working but none with commit access had IPv6 to test the implementation or something like that.
Anyway, the code should be somewhere around, but no idea if it works. I'll search for it and mail it to you.

Thanks, Peter, I'll take a

Thanks, Peter, I'll take a look at his work and see if it's still usable... It might need some refactoring and testing...

Let me check also once


After a long time I am writting here Smiling

I think we tried to do some testing also together. But, not had enough for that.

I think I also have a copy of that code from Swarup(boss). Let me check too. I will update that.

Tanmoy Deb(Tango)

The IPv6 Code


I have sent the code to you in mail of your university address.