Best Configuration for VBox and Running VMPlayer ?

Hi. I just downloaded JNode to give it a test. What is the best settings for VBox ? Should I choose Other OSes or how should I properly set it up. I used the Other OSes settings and it started up and using the All-plugins setting, managed to go to the console by upon running the 'startawt', a blank black screen was up for a long time and I had to kill the VBox.

For the VMPlayer VMX (jnode-x86-0.2.8.iso.vmx) file available for installation, I used my VMPlayer to open it but it gave the error of not being able to file the image file and kept trying to boot via network which failed.

How should I get them to boot ?

You should try to run JNode with kvm

Look at Running in KVM.


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re: work only in vesa

Hi. I finally realized that the configuration in the VMX file downloaded pointed to an invalid CD/DVD path so I changed it to the ISO I downloaded and it work only if I use the VESA All plugin mode.

Below is the screenshot attached I took and it looks weird. There is a mouse cursor on the top left that is stuck and the main mouse in the middle bottom of the screen is the only one reacting. Most of the screen is black and Tetris never starts anyways.

Screenshot-1.png31.31 KB