Website tracker node dates

Project:JNode Website
Category:feature request

When reading a node (issue or forum topic),
there is no date on the original content
(neither creation time, nor last modification time)

Furthermore other date or history are not clear,
and "Jump to: Most recent comment" not always seems working.

(I remember node 3269 "Auto byte to int Promotion Bug: use of "0xff", where "0x0ff" is needed"
that often reappeared in tracker without I can see any modification)


Assigned to:Anonymous» Peter

The reapperance is due to spam. I don't know if this can be changed, but whenever some spammer adds a spam-comment it will be detected and marked as spam and deleted after 2 weeks.
You don't see that as regular user, right, but it makes the topic itself reappear as "new" :/

For the other bug, I know about it but I couldn't find a solution. The JNode-theme is written by Cluster (afair) and with another theme the date is present, so it's a bug in the theme. If you know about drupal themes and want to help drop me a mail or highlight me on IRC.