JNode + Project Looking Glass desktop


I'm really impressed by the early results of project looking glass. I think we should really try to make it operational asap on JNode. That would really be great!

Let's go and make that happen!


I completely agree

To have a native desktop that does that would be ideal.

I have not kept up to date with the current state of JNode, but at the moment I am getting interested in OpenGL/Direct3d/general 3d game engine stuff. I would love to start working on the JNode desktop. What is the current state of graphics in JNode and what do we need to do to get closer to realising the Looking Glass Desktop ?


a LGPL implementation of java3D

Hi matt,

I have found jFreeD2 that is the reincarnation of the dead project JFree-D and that aim at implementing a LGPL implementation of java3d based on open GL. Maybe someone (you ?) can help the small team (2 guys) to make it ready when JNode will be ready for the 3D.

Later, we will need to bind some existing open GL implementation with JNode graphic card drivers.

I remember you that java3D is needed to run looking glass desktop... but it also needs JAI (I don't know if there is an OS implementation of it).


looks amazing

Project Loocking Glass looks very good.
But I think it is not possible to use it in JNode in a few weeks.
We should stick to our project goals.
After version 0.2 of JNode it might be possible to think about integrating Project Looking Glass into JNode.

I think there are several other tasks to do:
- possibility of compiling JNode from within JNode
- JNode installer
- JUnit tests for many parts of the system
- L2 Compiler
and so on.

P.S.: I'd love to see it in JNode too. *g*

Long time goals are also good

I agree that this takes more then a few weeks or months for that matter, but i think it is a good long term goal.