USB HID devices are not yet supported

Project:JNode Core
Category:feature request

I only see USB core, USB hub and USB UHCI (controller) classes in the source tree. It would be really nice to see a set of classes supporting USB HID devices in general and USB keyboards and mice specifically, so I don't have to keep using old PS/2 keyboards and mice to be able to interact with JNode, which I am not able to do on my new PC which has no PS/2 ports. (I exclusively test with a real boot off a CD-ROM, never with an emulator).


Just a little search in the code and :

org.jnode.driver.input.usb.USBKeyboardDriver found.

So there are USB HCI implementation for keyboard and mouse. If these implementations are buggy, You are free to fix it Smiling.


Yes, they are there. I posted this bug because my USB mouse doesn't work (keyboard does, it is an old PS/2 style keyboard). On bootup, I see the following:

[PS2Bus]: Mouse replied with RESEND

Obviously JNode is trying to load the PS/2 mouse driver instead of the USB Mouse HID driver for some reason. Maybe the fact that I am using a mix of PS/2 and USB keyboard/mouse devices is confusing it somehow....