Wanted: Look & Feel developer (update)

Since the GUI is coming along nicely, it would be very interesting to give JNode its own look & feel.

If you want to develop a good, clean and modern look & feel for JNode, please contact me.
The look & feel should be implemented as a custom Swing LookAndFeel.

Several people contacted me, which is very good news. I suggest to share your ideas on our gui forum so we can get as much combined effort as possible.


Substance look&feel

Hi to all, I've started to use a new Look&feel: Substance (for Java 5 or higher), it has a BSD license, and it's very modular and extensible using a plug-in extensions method, and some Locale are already supported.

You can find it here: https://substance.dev.java.net

In related Substance subprojects we are thinking/creating some specialized components, but there are already some enhanced color pickers, and other new-concept dialogs, like ribbon, etc. ...

The current release is 2.1, but in the coming 2.2 more useful features are coming ...


I think using the Synth

I think using the Synth look and feel and building up some Synth skins would be a good choice.
But is the AWT/Swing stuff already working?

Synth Support?

Maybe we should give the JNode Swing implementation support for the Synth look and feel to make it easily skinnable.

part of j2se 5

That's a part of j2se 5. So, if not already done, that will be implemented by Classpath team.



I started implementing a custom look and feel and am currently looking for resources helping to understand the topic. Here is what I found:

JFC Unleased, Chapter 23 on creating a custom LF

An XP Look and Feel (to see how he did it)

I'm also using the sources of the Metal LF to try to understand how to implement a custom LF.

If anyone knows about other (especially higher-level) materials, please post a link.


a link: Skin LF

here is the link to Skin LF but I am not sure about their licence : apache, LGPL or custom ?



Their java.net site https://l2fprod-common.dev.java.net/ says it's provided under an Apache Software License.



send me a sample pgm in java with the details of how to run