Wanted: Font renderer implementor

How is willing and able to implement a proper font renderer that converts a Shape of a character into a rendered bitmap?
Thnings like anti-aliasing would be nice, but just plain rendering would also be nice.

Please contact me.


In progress

This topic is in progress.


(a link to be added to references)

Classpath implementation

IMHO, the best basis for a robust implementation is this one :


Unfortunately, this code has never been committed to classpath and the project is now discontinued despite an attempt to open a Savannah project for it.

No renderer

This brawer sw is good for reading fonts, but does not contain a renderer to bitmaps.


Let's keep abstraction as much as possible...

... before rendering bitmaps :


which is a pure java wrapper for :


Returns a java.awt.Shape.

IMHO, this is where Bitmap conversion should occur, shouldn't it ?


The outline Shape should be converted into a bitmap.

I suggest to convert it to a single color bitmap with 1 byte per pixel. This byte is an alpha value for the actual color produced.

E.g. a value of 0 means the background color (transparent, a value of 0xFF means 100% foreground color and all values in between means a percentage of transparency. This should make anti aliasing quite easy.


pre rendered font ?

Do you think about pre rendering (or better lazy rendering) of fonts ?

Or why do you think about an intermediate format (the 1-byte-per-pixel-bitmap) ?


on demand

I'm thinking of on demand rendering of glyph's. The 1-byte format is probably smart, because is allows acertain glyph to be rendered to screen fast is all colors.

Any better idea is welcome. I'm not a font, nor graphics expert.