someone with knowledge of ext2 (and if possible ByteBuffer)

I have developped tests for all FS implementations in JNode. These tests worked in the begin of previous year.

Now, I replaced byte[] by ByteBuffer in the CVS branch 'BlockDeviceAPI_with_ByteBuffer' for JNode-FS. But the tests are failing for ext2.

If your are interested in helping me make this branch working for ext2, contact me. I will explain you what to do (maybe we will setup an irc meeting for this).

The writer(s) of the code for ext2 FS is/are welcomed of course !

Soon, I will add some doc on how to run the tests I wrote for FS.
edited on 2005-02-26 : I added these page about the FS tests.


What is the current status of this effort?



I did not yet have time to look into it but hopefully this weekend I'll have.


Not working

Previous week, I moved the FS tests from june to junit and updated the build.xml to run the tests from ant.

But most of the tests are failing for ext2 and I don't tested for other fs.



Hi Fabien,
I'll try to look into that this weekend if I have some time (I wrote the ext2fs code).

Little doc about test itself ?


I would like write FS support for HFS/HFS+ that are filesystems used to apple systems and i would like write fs test code in the same time. Could you made a little document about filesystem testing ?


Fabien L. (Gala)


Yes, I will try to do it tomorrow evening.

If not done, you can start seeing at JNode FS implementations, in particular the interfaces.