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Implement an installer that will install the JNode OS on a PC.

To start, the installer should install jnode32.gz/jnode64.gz, all init jars and the GRUB bootloader.

Current status: The issue

Current status:
The issue is in analyze state. Most likely this will be based on the JNode Installer proposal written by Valentin Chira. With this the issue changes from installing gz files to real jnode system files. Note this will depend on the 0.3 draft plan on making System filesystem.

Projects that is beeing evaulated:


Hello guys,

I'm developing a Instaler in java for Linux live CD....

Maybe I can help, moduling my application to be "portable"....

I use thinlet to gui, is this a problem?


Thinlet is ok.

Thinlet should work on JNode soon so it should not be a problem.

How can I test my interface

How can I test my interface on JNode?


Sounds interesting, is it

Sounds interesting, is it possible to see your work?

Please do contact me if you are to mail it.


Hi Hagar,

Hi Hagar,

I'm trying to contact you for weeks....

Are your e-mail ok?

My msn: marvinvelo_89@hotmail.com
E-mai: velo.br@gmail.com



Hi Martin,

I learned from Ewout that you are scheduled to work on plugin installer framework, and could probably need some help. We, I (Birkey, user 980) and Wesley (user 679), would like to make contribution to this framework.
Would you give us some more information on how to start off working on the framework besides what the handbook provides?

BTW, it seems that the installing means retrieve (from somewhere, e.g., network) and register the plugin with JNode, and does not include activating the pluging, i.e., loading. So could we call this framework as "Plugin deployment framework"?


-Birkey & Wesley


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