J2SDK 5.0 usage

After some discussion with the most active developers of this project, it has been decided that we switch over to J2SDK 5.0 for our build system.

This means that as of today, you'll need a J2SDK 5.0 compatible compiler to build JNode (the CVS version). You can download J2SDK 5.0 here.
The next release will include this requirement.

This does not mean the JNode it capable of all 5.0 features yet, although most of them are available.
The current status of this support can be found here.


Special manipulations ?

I have switch to Eclipse 3.1 M6 and JDK 5.0_02 on windows and all my projects are in error. Apparently, it doesn't found the jdk. Must i change something into preferences ?


Maybe a rebuild


Maybe you should force a rebuild. All eclipse projects now have project specific settings for the 5.0 setting, so no global settings changes should be needed.



at least with my WinXP the JDK5.0 was installed in an other directory than JDK1.4.2 and I had to modify my PATH.


Don't force us to migrate :-)

Please provide a .properties file that could allow us to build JNode with a JDK 5.0... which is not the one in our JAVA_HOME/PATH.




Create a copy of build.bat/sh and set JAVA_HOME/PATH yourself.

Please do not checkin such a script, since it will be different for all of us.


3 solutions

Either the build file "forks" the compilation to the JDK 5.0. The "executable" attribute may thus been set via a .properties file (see http://at.apache.org/manual/CoreTasks/javac.html).

Either the .bat/.sh file could override default setting by calling first a setjdk50.bat file (or similar)

Of course, those 2 files could be .cvsignoreD by the user.

Third solution : patch the build.bat file like you suggest and then... cope with the CVS diff.

Not very important though...