Release 0.2.0

The JNode team is proud to announce the release 0.2 of the operating system.

This is a major release that features the first possibility of running real world java programs on JNode.

We are glad to see the goals set by our 0.2 draft has been reached and are now looking forward to new goals as layed out in our draft 0.3 plan.

The main feature in this release is support for most of the J2SDK 5.0 language features.

A full changelog can be found here.
You can download this release here.


How to enter into GUI mode

Hi Ewout,
I was running jnode in Qemu, after I selected the 'JNode GUI' mode and system initialized normally but finally inactive(deadlock).
I've tried to run with the burnt bootable cd, but fast 'Really Panic' in any feasible modes
I have run successfully in Qemu as 'default' and 'all'(but not GUI) modes.

NVidia RIVA TNT2 Pro/Integrated RAMDAC/32M has problem in the supped devices? or
other hints.

appreciate you helps.




The GUI is (unfortunately) still in an experimental stage. What I can advise you is to start the default or all configuration and then start the gui using the "startawt" command.

I think Qemu emulates a graphics card that we do not (yet) support. So it is best to run it on real hardware.


Real panic: int_die_halt! in normal hardware

"Real panic: int_die_halt!" occured when I booted it from CDROM in any feasible mode.

what about it?



I just made a JNode GUI all p

I just made a JNode GUI all plugins without MP, could you try it out? It helps under VMware, so maybe you might have luck with it.


Hi hagar, It would be luck i

Hi hagar,
It would be luck if it can play with the normal hardware, because I am not with the VMware now.
But I'm not so luck as you known I didn't even run the default mode on my computer.

I'll get a try if I can.



What type of computer

Please provide details about the hardware you're testing on.


Real Panic output

Jnode 0.20 startup Error:
------------- copy manually from initialization page -------------

mem-size 1FFF0000	init page-dir table
enable paging
paging setup finished
sid:	version.asm v1.1 2003/11/25 11:42:20 epr Exp$
Before start_vm
loadFromBoot ClassArrayInitialize memoryBlockManager
Start End: 0265000 1FFF0000
size:	1D9A0000
end of initialize.

start JNode
Found MP 1.4, configTable At 0x000f0C00
Address		0x000F0C00

int  :0000000E  Error:C0000004  CR2  :00000114  CR3:00001000
EIP  :003B71AD  CS   :0000001B  FLAGS:00213206  CR3:80000011
EAX  :00000118  EBX  :00000118  ECS  :00000010  EDX:000009DC
EBP  :0011CF90  ESP  :0011CF74  EDI  :01FA0EF8  ESI:00000118
DS   :00000023  ES   :00000023  FS   :00000033  GS :00000023
STACK:00000118 04A628F0 026FF138 00000118 04A628F0 00000000
003B719D): 6C 3F 00 00 E9 11 00 00 00 FF 75 F0 8B 44 24 00
003B71AD): 8B 40 FC 8B 40 28 FF 50 14 50 8B 44 24 04 8B 40 Real Panic: int_die_

---------------- end -------------------

MP detection


Use the No MP configurations or setup your MP version to 1.1 (in your BIOS).


MP detection bug fixed in CVS HEAD

This bug is fixed in the CVS HEAD branch. The fix will be part of release 0.2.1.



Of my mainboard GA-8IDX(Intel 845 AGPset), the Award BIOS setting doen't supply the setting item -MPS Version Control For OS for me. Although this item surely is listed on 'Advanced BIOS Features' setting option in the manual(which I've just retrieved from my dusty box).
It seems that the Gigabyte has removed this setting item from the standard Award BIOS setup.
Stay tune and waiting for the fixed for MP 1.4 detecting, or
there is still other hints.



Use without MP configuration

Use a configuration labeled "without MP"



It's my careless in the catching on the term 'default', now I've tell.

I must to say I'm very enjoy it, so fast! [15703ms on my computer]
Only one red line listed in startup:
DeviceListener (in manager) took 193ms in device started:

and some red line flashed out when Halted it.
How to scroll up or dump it too see what is the error?

Lucky from now, jnode!

thanks all.


scroll to consoles.

Use to SHIFT+PageUp and SHIFT+PageDown to scroll in the console, and ALT-F7 to access debug console. Keep in mind that these consoles are memory-limited and can't retain all boot messages.

Hi galatnm, I means to see t

Hi galatnm,
I means to see the failure information when I halt it, when done, the SHIFT+PageUp and SHIFT+PageDown function of the shell is exit too.
Maybe the dump mechanism can meet it.



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