Implement activation of ACPI and detection

Project:JNode Core
Category:feature request

Implement activation of ACPI and detection of devices using ACPI.

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Does this have anything to do with JNode?

It sounds to me like you have a PC hardware or windows software problem. This is not a good forum for help with diagnosing / fixing broken PCs.


i ave a big problem with my processor temperature.i have an abit uguru moterboard and it as a guru clock that shows the temperatures of the system and processor.the temperature goes up to 77° and the system is giving an sound alert .that situation comes every time when i open my i-explorer and winamp at the same time.that sould not appear while the programs are not so complicated and great,like the photoshop or i don't know the mentioned situation i press ctrl-alt-del and in the processes tab i see that i-explorer uses 80 percent of my processor.


Category:bug report» feature request
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I've reclassified this issue as a feature request. Toma55o: are you actually working on it, or intending to work on it?