Release 0.2.1

The JNode team is proud to announce a new release of the operating system.

This release focused on improving the GUI handling and reducing the memory usages.
Screenshots are available here.

New features & improvements in this release are:

  • Many GUI improvements
  • The first (NoGC) of a list of MMTk based garbage collector
  • Various memory reduction improvements
  • Support for plugin fragments

You can download the release here.


Error building CVS Head (0.2.1)

cannot find symbol
symbol: "DuplicateNameHelper"
location: package org.omg.PortableInterceptor.ORBInitInfoPackage

Windows XP
Sun JDK 1.5.0_04

Build clean

Try a build clean.



There is a problem working with tarballs containing files which name equals 100 symbols.
- TAR on Windows (1.12 version) during extraction cuts names to 99 symbols.
- In current version of Midnight Commander (4.6.0-gentoo-r14) such filenames displayed incorrectly (cutted by one symbol).
And no problems if fully qualified filename shorter OR longer 100 symbols.

BTW, jnode distribution cantains 2 files with such names: