JNode on planet classpath

JNode is now present on planet classpath.

For now, I am the only JNode hacker present there but if you have a RSS feed for your blog you can ask
Mark J. Wielaard (mjw on #classpath) to add you to the Classpath planet.


my blog (in english and french)

after executing ls /jifs...

jNode env:winxp + VMware Workstation 5.5.1

when I executing: ls /jNode/jifs,the shell give me much errno info such as follows:
Exception in command
java.security.AccesscontroEsception:Permission "(java.lang.Runtime Permission ModifyThreadGrout)" not granted due to org.jnode.fs service.def.FileSystemAPIimpl
at org.jnode.vm.VmAccessController.checkPermission (VmaccessController.java:8
at java.security.AccessController.checkPermission (accesscontroller.java:78)
at org.jnode.fs.jifs.direcitories.JIFSDthreads.addGroup(JIFDSDthreads.java:61)
at org.jnode.fs.jifs.direcitories.JIFSDthreads.refresh(JIFDSDthreads.java:54)
at org.jnode.fs.jifs.JIFSDirIlterator.next(JIFSDirIlterator.java:61)
at org.jnode.fs.jifs.JIFSDirIlterator.next(JIFSDirIlterator.java:33)
at java.io.VMFile.list (VMFile.java:81)
at java.io.File.list(File.java:776)
at java,io.File.listFiles(File.java:876)
at java,io.File.listFiles(File.java:847)
at ort.jnode.shell.ThreadCommandInvoker$CommandRunner.run (ThreadCommandInvok
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:489)
at org.jnode.vm.VmThread.runThread(VmThread.java:538)
//the last line

I Fixed it.

The fix is available in the CVS head.


dear Levente:

nice to meet you at this url.

thank you for your giving me some hint.

could you tell me in details!?

my email:xlyx01@163.com

how to use the command:ftpmount or ftpdevice?

i hope somebody give me some example!

ftpmount fixed

I fixed the ftpmount command.
Here is an example of usage:

ftpmount localdirectory ftphostipaddr username password


ftpmount /ftp joe isthe1st

The local directory is a nonexistent directory in the jnode vritual file system like: /ftp
This is created by the ftpmount command and the remote filesystem mounted on it.
Deleting the directory means you unmounted the filesystem. These is how the jnode VFS works.