Switch to Subversion -- Migration in progress


JNode development will switch to Subversion in a couple of days.

To all developers, please commit your (safe) changes now, of make a patch that you can apply on the new Subversion archive.

If there is any reason to delay the switch, please contact me directly.


SVN Usage


I want to give a slight overview of SVN and how to use it. First of all there are three ways to access SVN: svn, svn+ssh and via http(s). Sourceforge uses WebAccess, that means you can also browse the repository online with your favorite browser, just click on this link.

Subversion uses three toplevel directories named trunk, branches and tags. Trunk can be compared to CVS Head, branches and tags are self-explanatory, I think Smiling

To checkout the source simply type:
svn co https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/jnode/trunk/ foo
which creates a new directory called foo. In this directory all stuff of the repository in /jnode/trunk/jnode will be copied to foo/ on your local computer.

svn up|add|commit as expected.

New to subversion is copy, move and delete. If you copy or move a file, the history is also copied or moved, if you e.g. delete a directory it will not show up anymore if you do a new checkout.

If you want to tag a version currently in trunk you can simply copy the content from trunk/ to tag/, e.g. by:
svn copy https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/jnode/trunk/ https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/jnode/tags/r0.1.2.3/
The same applies to branches of course.

I think that's the most important for the moment, for more information have a look at the SVN Handbook located here.

Btw, for using SVN within eclipse you have to install subclipse located here.

I hope that helps, good luck Eye-wink


Subversion announcement

Thanks for your prior announcement about the subversion changes.Its good and seems like the native CVS. I think it will work good. I hope it will work without bugs in future. Thanks!!!

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the main IDE didn't support SubVersion yet.

I known there're some plugins supporting subversion, but Eclipse didn't natively support it and will not in 3.2.
Actually, I hope the team switch to another opensource collaboration site, ie. javaforge or java.net, because of all problem of SF.net, you known.




Try using the subclipse (http://subclipse.tigris.org/). It is very good and looks just like the native CVS thing of eclipse.

I don't think there would be a problem. Subversion is by far better than CVS.

There is a "JNode.ipr" file

There is a "JNode.ipr" file in the top-level directory of jnode, suggesting that the "main IDE" might actually be IntelliJ IDEA, not Eclipse.


We support/use both IDEA as

We support/use both IDEA as documentated on the Build & development environment page. The "JNode.ipr" is a project file to ease the setup of the project in IntelliJ, but note that IntelliJ can import Eclipse projects.

(btw. SVN is supported in the newest IntelliJ)

Read-only CVS

I would prefere for the developer CVS to be available in read-only mode for a while after switching to Subversion. Is that possible?