CHARVA port started

I have started a CHARVA porting project. For the ones that don't know CHARVA is a text mode GUI library compatible with AWT/SWING.I have checked in charva 1.10 sources and made some changes to give us a start. We need help here and everyone that knows console programming or so is welcomed to suport us.
For more info on CHARVA go to


I just tried out the CHARVA Tutorial from within jnode, from charva.awt.Tutorial, and the results were great. This has been time well spent, and will be a very powerful addition to jnode. Good work.

Thx. We did what we could.

The only problem is the way CHARVA is implemented. Very monolithic architecture and not flexible at all. In the old UNIX tradition. But it works. We still need make the mouse work correctly and mybe we can refactor some parts from CHARVA to be closer to our needs.