TODO list

The document states some of the TODOs with regard to future releases of JNode. There is no particular date when the targets should be finished, but it should give you some hints, what you could look at :

  • XYZ Filesystem: There are many other filesystems that could be added to JNode. Or existing readonly filesystems could be extended for write support. A list of possibilities includes: NFS, Samba, ssh fs, ftp write support, ntfs write support, ...
  • Partitiontool: We need harddisk partitioning support. That includes a commandline version like fdisk but could also be extended for a graphical version. The GUI version can be written using charva or swing or both Smiling
  • Grubinstaller: Some code to be able to install grub to the harddisk. That means, install stage1 into MBR, stage1.5 as needed and for both files the hidden data structures have to be updated. A "highlevel editor" for the menu.lst file would be fine, too.
  • HTMLDemo: Classpath contains a little "webbrowser", it would be nice as a showcase for JNode. It's contained in, but it has to be extended, because at the moment it's only usable for testing classpaths HTML renderer
  • Device Drivers: Device Drivers are a very important part of an operating system. If you have a peace of hardware that isn't included in JNode yet, and you have some hardware/lowlevel skills you're welcome to add support for it. This includes either adding support for a new hardware for an existing API (e.g. network cards, graphic cards, HIDs,...) but also adding hardware that was not present in JNode before (e.g. Framegrabber (bttv,..), CD Writer,...).
  • SWTswing: Port of SWTswing to JNode. This is needed to be able to run eclipse inside JNode. BTW, if that works, porting eclipse is the next TODO on the list Smiling
  • JSR80: Interfacing the current JNode usb api to the javax.usb api as descriped in JSR80 API Specification.
  • JNodeTools: Implement a tool to create and edit the plugin descriptors. Either as a eclipse tool or standalone app (so it can be used in JNode too). See also here
  • JNode Commands: We need to expand and improve the suite of JNode utility commands that can be run from the command line. Rather than reinventing the wheel, JNode commands should aim to be compatible with commands defined in the relevant POSIX specification; i.e. IEEE Std 1003.1, 2004 Edition

A web browser

I found a pure java web browser, check :

I didn't try it in JNode, I'll try it today.
I think it can be a good thing to add to JNode, if necessary, I'll try to port it to JNode.

a Java implementation of the XDR, RPC, NFSv2, and NFSv3 protocol


One of the more useful filesystems might be HFS+. Say if you wanted to make a kiosk which could write files to an iPod. Smiling

For the record ...

... galatnm is working on that task


my blog : en français, in english or both

Very Interesting HFS+ :-)

Your proposal is very nice,interesting,challenging also.WE can try it Smiling
Thankks for giving a new proposal....Give more new Ideas, directions where we can move with JNODE if you have....

XYZ Filesystem / Partitiontool

I haven't read enough about the internals yet, but I think ZFS and Raid-Z would be a great idea.

I will take the Partitiontool

I will take the partition tool since that's a long time I think about it (but have not started any development yet).


my blog : en français, in english or both

task for creating the partitionning tool

I have created that task to follow the development and bugs of JPartition.


my blog : en français, in english or both


sometime ago, I have started that tool, which I call JPartition.


my blog : en français, in english or both