Some of you might allready have heard of it. But lately it got much attention by the press.
vbox is a new virtualisation application much like vmware or VirtualPC. Though imho vbox has some nice additional features, especially the backend/frontend concept allows easy usage in headless mode,... Also it's opensource, GPL even, with irc dev channel and all that stuff Smiling

I tested JNode on it, and it is working. Though there are still some small drawbacks:
1. Only VGA graphics in JNode atm, _but_ vbox supports vbe3 Smiling
2. Network is working, but seems to have some random strange issues in setting IP/dhcp doesn't work.
3. It is slower as JNode in vmware. I'm not sure yet, why. Win/Linux in vbox is as fast as in vmware.

The good thing is (at least I hope so): It should be more easy to get support and docs to write JNode drivers for vbox.


p.s. vbox is available for Win and Linux Eye-wink