Subversion migration -- Success at last!

I'm glad to inform you that the migration to Subversion has finally been a success!

The Subversion repository is activate now and as of now is the primary repository. The CVS repository is still available in readonly mode.

No developers have been given write access to SVN yet. Please contact me to request write access. The listed developer will be granted access right away. I've not already granted write access to all, since I use this to "cleanup" the list of developers.

Look here for instructions on how to checkout a workarea.

Please report any problems you may find.


Current code in SVN doesn't compile

I just switched over to Subversion, and it seems like the current code in there has some compilation issues.

For example, one of many:

C:\Documents and Settings\daniel\Desktop\Java Libraries\jnode_trunk\core\src\core\org\jnode\vm\memmgr\def\ cannot find symbol
symbol : constructor Monitor()
location: class org.jnode.vm.scheduler.Monitor
heapMonitor = new Monitor();

And indeed, there is no Monitor() constructor.


Build has been fixed

Still a problem

I think there is still a problem. The build claims to succeed but notice how few .jar files are being built now.

Edit: okay, looks like it's only the assemble-plugins target which when run directly, doesn't build everything now. If I run something further down like cd-x86, that works. Weird.

Build clean

Always try a "build clean" first in these circumstances.


The like for the automated build

See build status log and the icon it displays Eye-wink

Compiling code

If you want to compile a clean version, use version before last commit on shceduler code or use branch 0.2.3.

Fabien L.