Issues for JNode Shell

SummaryStatusPriorityCategorysort iconLast updatedAssigned to
Wildcards in filenamesactivenormalbug report9 years 10 weeks
Issues with "page" commandactivenormalbug report8 years 48 weeks
Isolates and pipelines not playing well together.activenormalbug report8 years 42 weeks
java command are missing away of giving -D argumenactivenormalbug report9 years 21 weeks
Command syntax problems illustrated by 'cat' commaactivenormalbug report9 years 14 weeksStephen Crawley
Create 'du' commandpatch (code needs review)normalfeature request4 years 32 weeksmzsilak
Adapt new command syntax for interactive commandsactivenormalfeature request9 years 27 weeks
Command argument syntax and completion support foractivenormalfeature request9 years 2 days
RFEs for input driver line editing.activenormalfeature request8 years 31 weeks
Support more complicated command syntaxesactivenormalfeature request8 years 46 weeks
FindCommand implementationactivenormalsupport request8 years 44 weekslsantha
We need a "sort" commandactivenormaltask8 years 31 weekscluster
Bjorne shell tracking issueactivenormaltask6 years 41 weeksStephen Crawley
Disentangle 'shell' and 'syntax' APIs.activenormaltask8 years 44 weeksStephen Crawley
Isolate and IsolateInvoker tracking issueactivenormaltask8 years 26 weeks
Running the Bjorne shell as a commandactivenormaltask9 years 27 weeksStephen Crawley
Improving MuSyntax backtracking performanceactivenormaltask8 years 24 weeksStephen Crawley
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