Release 0.2.8

This release features stability improvements, bugfixes and JNode class library updated to OpenJDK6 b13.

Release 0.2.7

This release features OpenJDK Swing/AWT, VESA support, frame buffer console, new shell command framework, configure tool and Samba file system.

Release 0.2.6

This release features over 99% compatibility with the Java 6 API,
code hotswapping, support for NFS (read-write) and HFS+ (read-only) file systems, even more OpenJDK integration, Jetty6 and
many bug fixes and improvements to the whole system

Release 0.2.5

This release features OpenJDK integration, Java 6 support, substantially improved consoles, experimental support for isolates and a large set of bug fixes and improvements to all parts of the system, including better memory management and increased performance.

Release 0.2.4

This release features the first possibility of basic development uder JNode.

Have a look at the fine screenshots!

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