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ProjectSummaryStatusPriorityCategoryLast updatedsort iconAssigned to
JNode CoreImplement a soft key binding mechanism for keyboaractivenormalfeature request8 years 19 weeksStephen Crawley
JNode Shelljava command are missing away of giving -D argumenactivenormalbug report8 years 20 weeks
JNode Coregnu.classpath.version property is incorrectactiveminorbug report8 years 21 weeks
JNode NetNoRouteToHostExceptionactivenormalbug report8 years 21 weeks
JNode FSImplement virtual file systems for HTTP/HTTPS and activenormalfeature request8 years 24 weeks
JNode CoreInvestigate upgrading to nanoXML/Javaactivenormaltask8 years 26 weeks
JNode CoreInvestigate integrating Terracotta with JNodeactivenormalfeature request8 years 26 weeks
JNode CoreSupport the "Substance" look&feelactivenormalfeature request8 years 26 weeks
JNode CoreSetting the timezone / offets on JNode startupactivenormalbug report8 years 26 weeks
JNode CoreUpdate to newer version of 'charva'activenormaltask8 years 26 weeks
JNode Coremethod is nullactivenormalbug report8 years 26 weeks
JNode ShellRunning the Bjorne shell as a commandactivenormaltask8 years 26 weeksStephen Crawley
JNode FSFileSystem enhancementactivenormalfeature request8 years 26 weeksPeter
JNode NetWireless network supportactivenormalfeature request8 years 26 weeks
JNode NetEEPRO 100 Driveractivenormaltask8 years 26 weeksgalatnm
JNode BuilderA tool to create/edit plugin descriptorsactivenormalfeature request8 years 26 weeks
JNode ShellAdapt new command syntax for interactive commandsactivenormalfeature request8 years 26 weeks
JNode Allintegrate grub 2activenormaltask8 years 26 weeks
JNode WebsiteBug submitter / submission date not displayedactivenormalbug report8 years 26 weeksPeter
JNode AllInvestigate NestedVMactivenormaltask8 years 26 weeks
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