CHARVA port goes beta.

The GUI team is proud to announce that CHARVA port has been done. We could say that CHARVA is in beta version under JNode. There are still some problems but it works so You people can start write nice application using CHARVA for JNode. A Norton Commander clone would be nice or? To test the CHARVA integration you can run charva.awt.Tutorial.

email reader

charva's output looks really good.

is there a text mode email reader written in java? preferrably one that uses charva. if not, that would be a great application for someone to write.

I agree

but there are more important things right now for JNode developers to do..


Pardon my pure idotism, but what on earth is a CHARVA port ?

CHARVA is a textmode GUI library

CHARVA is a textmode GUI library. It is preaty much like AWT/SWING only in text mode(character mode). It should be compatible with awt and swing. you just need to change the package names. You can see in our screenshoots section some screenshots from a Test application written with CHARVA.

CHARVA i18n-fix

the java support i18n.charva packages don't i18ned.I program in Chinese languages(my Linux LANG=ZH.CN), So I fix it.
It maybe to help your program.