Wine and LinforWin development I'm working on for JAVA operating systems will run with JNode called AllOS.

Hi everyone my name is Jacob and I have been working on a project to build a linux equivalent to Wine to run along with Wine like development on bare bones systems only to find that the only way to run such a system is connected to a micro or nano kernel.

I also found that most of thees kernels have little in the way of GUI to implement on them,
So I decided to try it under JAVA.

I am pleased to say that it works.

My first developmental concept is to run emulation under the kernel to emulate only the bare essentials similarity to the way Wine commonly emulates small amounts of hardware,
And then I use open run environments fore the three kernels IE. NT Linux and JAVA.

But I don't run the Linux or NT kernels only parts of them as needed.

I have already added basic controls to this development,
And I am pleased to announce that it runs apps more closely to native then LinforWin on Windows,
Or Wine on Linux.

I do have a few kinks to work out having to do with the fact that it currently doesn't run as fast as I would like it to.

My goal is to be able to compare it to running Wine under DSLLinux,
Or other high speed OS types.

I am very happy to find such a richly developed OS type to use as my base,
And I have even given some thoughts to other additions that may add to the portability and function ability of JAVA OS's everywhere.

I cant offer any sours code yet because I haven't finished development to the final stage,
But I promise to let you all in on the progress.

When I finish I will have many open free developments to try,
And I also intend to offer one flavor known simply as AllOS pro as a purchasable product with a non-profit status to help out many people in need.

I really would like to hear from you all on my concept in the making.

Thanks for your time.

Important faulty implants!

The method proved faulty after further development.