WANTED: Hosting for JNode integration and regression testing server

We need hardware infrastructure for setting up a JNode integration server and regression test execution facility for regular use in support of our daily development activities.

The regression tests will be executed under JNode probably running in a virtual machine like kvm or vmware. In an ideal case JNode could use 2GB of RAM in the virtual machine and one dedicated microprocessor with excellent single threaded performance. This is because we expect to run large test suites in the future where CPU performance is crucial for obtaining reasonable run times.

We also need remote shell access to the server for installing and maintaining our software environment.

Please reply to this post with suggestions for the solution. It is a great opportunity to show your support if you like the ideas and goals of this project.

Thank you,
Levente Sántha

Core 2 Duo E5200 with 3gb of ram ddr2

I have a Core 2 Duo E5200 with 3GB of DDR2,
and a GeForce 8400GS.
I have an always-on DSL line.
I hope it can be set up to serve JNode.

Best Regards.

Morteza Far-Ashian.

Excellent machine!

This machine looks very good and apparently the CPU supports virtualization.
A Linux + KVM based environment would be optimal.
Can you join us on IRC for further discussion?

Best regards,

Intel Core 2 CPU 4400 @ 2.00 GHz (no hw virtualization)

It has 3 GB Ram but it needs half of it to run its primar tasks, the load is less than 0.3 so its quite of spare power an ram space to run Jnode Smiling send me more info to my priv if U intrested with such machine, i can setup things in spare time .. greetings, lucas

Great machine!

This machine would be great and so I tried to contact you via email at the address you used for registration but my message is scored as SPAM all the time. So please join us on our IRC channel (see the menu on the right) to talk about details and fixing the communication.

Thanks a lot,

Core 2 Duo E4400 with 2 gigs of RAM

I have a Core 2 Duo E4400 (unfortunately no hw virtualization) with 2GB of DDR2, and a GeForce 7300GT. Because I'm at university most of the time except summer, recently I bought a laptop so i can take my work home, and this comp will sit in my room, doing nothing. I hope it can be set up to serve JNode, since i really like the idea of the os. Hope to be of help in the development side too, once i'll have some time for other thing's than university projects...


This looks like a pretty good configuration with sufficient memory too. It would be great if it was set up for JNode. Help on the development side is always welcome too!
When can we start working on the details?
Kind regards,


I'll be home from today evening until around 27 december, so i can work on it in the coming two weeks. You can contact me on email with further details at: smucig [kukac] gmail.com.

Still open

While having two generous offers so far we still prefer to keep this campaign open. As you all very well know, the Java platform is a huge and complex platform and JNode intends to fully support it. To make this possible we plan to run large testsuites like mauve and jtreg and other JNode speciffic tests and we have ideas for doing this in a distributed manner on several or potentially on an arbitrarly number of machines if they are available.

Spare machine

I have a few spare machines which I currently don't use.

It's a 2 years old Athlon64 3500+ (single-core with hardware virtualization), nvidia nforce board with onboard gfx, 512 MB RAM (but can buy more RAM).
I have an always-on DSL line. Well, as "always-on" as providers and power outages allow.
If needed, I could even send (donate) it to a core project member who wants to host it.

Ben Bucksch

Machine set up

I am currently setting up the machine.
See my newly discovered jnode blog for progress.

This machine looks like a

This machine looks like a good possible option for the integration server. Adding some more RAM to it will make it even better. We will return to you for talking about further details.
Thank you very much!

Help Wanted

I have a Compaq ML530 server with (2) 900 Mhz processors, 1 Gb Memory and 16GB doing nothing, you can use it if you want.

Please let me know antoniodiazduran@yahoo.com

Best Regards

There have been talks about

There have been talks about setting up a demo webserver on JNode for quite along time. A possible usecase for this machine could be this. Currently JNode can run a JSP/servlet based webapplication on the Jetty web server. We will talk about the details if you like the idea.
Thank you very much!

2 xeon processors ?

From what I see here, it sounds like it's a computer with 2 xeon processors. right ?


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Xeon Processors

Yes, They are Xeon processors, I works very good it has Debian 4.0 and MySQL lighting fast!!