PPC port volunteers?

Accoording to the poll, there is enough interest in a powerpc port of JNode.
Who want's to work on a PPC port?

See the Porting guide for an introduction of what is needed. For the rest, please ask.

Having PPC hardware to test it is of course very practical.


One more good PPC site:

One more good PPC site:


One more good document on PowerPC ARCH

PPC support

I know - current goal of project is stability, but not support of architectures....Eye-wink
Still I think that adding templates for PPC accordingly to the porting guide may be usefull because a work to support the arch may be done independently from bug hunting at it's very beginning.
One mor point is that PPC computer use something else than Grub bootloader.

I'd would like to participate this task also.
I have basic knowledge of RISC processors and assembler(as Linux driver developer), mainly ARM.
I also have collection of thematic manuals on PPC architecture , which I downloaded from
sites of various PPC implementors: Xilinx, Freescale, IBM.
If one is interested this man-s contact me please.


Please be advised of the powerpc emulator at:


I would be willing to help, too

I have basic knowledge in operating system design and assembly language
(x86) I'm trying to learn ppc assembly language at the moment but there are only few resources on the internet.

How to use OSX and PPC for JNode development

I have recently writen a howto, for everyone who wants to use PowerPC and OSX for JNode development and testing. It is in the User's guide in the handbook.

I would also be willing to he

I would also be willing to help, but I don't know enough to write the kernel so I could probably only help with testing.

It is in my mind

I'd like to do it and It is in my mind. But I dont have the time right now.

If there is any one who can start it right now i can help him for testing (I have a G4).

p.s: Yesterday i was searching some references for ppc assembly. Sticking out tongue