Git Etiquette

Once you have push access to the public git repo, there are a few simple rules i'd like everyone to observe.

1) Do not push to origin/master
This branch is to be kept in sync with the svn repo. This branch is updated hourly. When it is updated, any changes made to it will be lost anyway as the udpate script is setup in overwrite mode. Even with this, if someone goes to fetch changes from origin/master before the update script has had a chance to bring it back in sync, then those people will have an out of sync master, which is a pain for them. To be on the safe side, when pulling from origin master, it doesnt hurt to do a quick 'git log origin/master' before fetching to see if the commit messages have a git-svn-id: in the message. This is embedded by git for commits from svn. If the top commits do not have this tag, then someone has pushed into origin/master.

2) Do not push into branches unless you know whats going on with it.
If you have a branch created on your local repo and you would like to have your changes pulled upstream then push your branch to the repo and ask for it to be pulled. You can push your branch to the public repo by

git push origin [branch]

so long as a branch by that name does not already exist. Once the changes have been pulled the branch will be removed from the public repo. That is unless the branch is part of some further development. You will still have your branch on your local repo to keep around or delete at your leisure.

3) Sign-off on your work.
Although git preserves the author on its commits, svn overwrites this information when it is commited. Also it is your waying of saying that this code is yours, or that you have been given permission to submit it to the project under the license of the project. Commits will not be pulled upstream without a sign-off. The easiest way to set this up is to configure git with two variables.

git config [name]
git config [email]

Then when you go to make your commit, add an -s flag to git commit and it will automatically append a Signed-off-by: line to the commit message. This is not currently being enforced project wide, although it should be. Also if someone sends you a patch, you can add a Created-by: tag for that person, along with your own sign-off tag.