tee command implementation

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This is a implementation of the tee command based on the description found at: http://www.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/9699919799/utilities/tee.html

The append switch works on the blackbox tests but doesn't work when using JNode on a virtual machine.

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Please give details about the failure under jnode so that one (especially an experimented jnode developer) could have a chance to help you without having to apply, build and test your patch ?


The problem is that there is no failure, the file simply doesn't get appended. The file contents are the same as before the command.


There is already an existing issue for File append not working on JNode. If I remember correctly, support for opening files for appending is not present at the FS independent level.


2 things :
- you are not closing the streams : I think it works ouside of jnode because, when the jvm is shut down, the streams are closed automatically => it's a good practice to close all the stream you've opened.
- could you give the patch against /jnode/cli instead of cli (I assume your patch is against cli but it's better to avoid having to guess that) ?


Here is the new patch. I tried to generate it against /jnode/cli, hope it's ok.

Only difference from previous is the closing of the streams in the end.

tee-command-patch_v1.txt8.08 KB


ok, it's working now but before I commit your work, you should read and apply that : http://www.jnode.org/node/2662.
Examples :

  • "private static final String help_file" should be "private static final String HELP_FILE"
  • some javadoc is missing

There is also an issue that could be revealed in some exceptional cases : if an error (IOException or anything else) happen after the first IOUtils.openOutputstream, the already opened streams won't be closed. The solution is to put all in a try { } finally { } block : in the finally, you will close all the opened streams


something else : it's always a good idea to add a link in the javadoc when you are implementing a class from some reference document accessible online.
In your case, you should add a link to http://www.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/9699919799/utilities/tee.html.


Here is a new patch with the following updates:
- Added the file header from the template
- Added a reference to the command documentation in the javadoc
- Added missing javadocs
- Re-factored some variable names
- Moved the closing of the files to a finally block
- Corrected the maximum number of files that could be used in the command
- Added backbox tests for the maximum number of files

tee-command-patch_v2.txt16.18 KB


Thanks for your contribution !
I have committed your patch : it's under revision 5642.


Status:patch (code needs review)» closed


Status:closed» active

The task should not be closed because (from what you said) the tee command is not complete.
So, I think 'active' is the most appropriate here.


I've closed the task because the command itself is complete, the problem is that the append functionality is not implemented in JNode as mentioned in #3.


Status:active» fixed

Thanks for the hint, marking fixed.