stripped down version

I am curently in the need of a stripped down version, a framework fa a java os.
Just the jvm getting started and running without anything else.
So developpers can experiment with writing a new os from 'scratch'.

any progress over here? I

any progress over here?
I tried it with the build files but resulted in a bunch of errors XD
is somebody can help?

what errors ?


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Exactly what I'm looking for (+1)

Yeah, your right, that's exactly what I'm looking for. As I checked out the JNode source the first time I was kind of disappointed that I could not manage to get only the bloody minimum of the os to do my experiments. I would really like to see that done.

Edit: Ok, I'll look at hagar's solution soon. Would be nice if one could post a tutorial on how to get a system that is able to run the main method, it could save me and others a lot of work, reading through all the build files.

rgds Farok

As explained at

As explained at you can start JNode without all the plugins, by choosing either "JNode (default)" or "JNode (minimal shell)". You can see in the build script which parts are needed, if you want to concentrate on the codebase.

stripped down version (+)

I agree. Me too.

Quick Howto

This is a very quick Howto.

Download sources, unpack them and have a look at the files in all/conf/.
Those make a "Jnode distribution".
Mark them _disabled.xml and they will not be built.
Have a look at shell-plugin-list.xml for a quite small configuration, modify it to your needs. It is a list of plugins that will be included in the "initial jar" and be aware of dependencies between plugins, they have to be met (The build system checks for that but the error output might be a bit cryptic, be warned Eye-wink).

And generally be aware: There are simple dependency problems, you want to use classes in you need virtual filesystem. You want System.out,.. you need a textscreen and so on. And when it comes to the classlib it is not yet split largly into single plugins.

The "Main-Class" you're searching for is in the manifest, you'll recognize it...