how to get started for developing for JNode?

Hello & thanks for the good job in JNode project.
I'm a java developer searching for a good java OS project to contribute to. I just wanted to know what skills does JNode project needs to be able to develop and contribute to it. what CS topics i should be skilled in? Operating systems? or just only the java programming language?
I just wanted to ask what level of complexity is JNode code before downloading src code and trying it.
can you please give me guidelines on how to prepare myself and write my first contribution to JNode project?



Hello othman,

Your help is welcome. Actually the code of jnode is quite complex (After all, it's an operating system ^_^) but it's not impossible. To begin, you could just get the source code and take a look on it, try to implement a new feature or test the existing features. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask on the forum.

Fabien L.

ProcessEnvironment cannot be resolved!

I'm a new comer here! And I download the JNODE OS source code and import them into eclipse platform in turn as the documents tell.But there's lots of errors.Eclipse shows me a message
"ProcessEnvironment cannot be resolved


line 291 Java Problem
After checking carefully ,I find that in the compressed package displayed on lost a folder maybe named "cli" .The JNODE reference mentioned the order to import code into eclipse workspace.The last one "cli" was not found in that package.
I need help to solve this problem!
You can email to! Thank you!

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