Classpath maintainer

We need someone to follow the project and integrate their changes into JNode.

Please contact Ewout about this.

Version 0.08

This version came out just a few days ago. See:


Will help here since I follow the classpath project closely. Please explain a possible approach to this. My thoughts go to the Mauve testing facility and extend that to JNode. What is last version being integrated ?



I think it is best to follow the changes in the classpath repository and integrate them in JNode.
It is not as simple as just copying the latest version, since there are (heavily) modified version of some classes in JNode.


List of modified classes

How about this for an idea: create a list of the jnode modified classes, then have Ant copy everything from classpath that is not in the list (<fileset excludesfile="jnodemodifiedclasspath.lst"/>). The maintainer then manually updates classes in list.