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Hi guys...

I search and found old topic about run tomcat on Jnode.

Did we have any progress? Today, is possible?


would it be easier to

would it be easier to create an entierly new web server package based on apache.

That idea doesn't make sense

Apache is implemented in C / C++.

JNode is a Java-only platform. JNode doesn't, and won't ever support binary applications or applications that are written in other languages than Java.

(Strictly speaking, JNode could run a non-Java language if there was a Java interpreter for the language, or if it could be compiled to Java bytecodes. However, neither of these applies to C or C++, now or in the forseeable future.)

try running nanohttpd before

hi velo,

We are first trying to run our nanohttpd server. The problem is that we have a bug that limit the size of sent (and received ?) data to about 400 bytes. So, your html page can be larger than that Sad

AFAIK, nobody tried to run tomcat in JNode.

So, I suggest that you first help us fixing the '400 bytes limit' bug before trying to run tomcat in JNode. btw, tomcat is known to work with Classpath and some other VM than JNode.


my blog (in english and french)

where can I read more about

where can I read more about this bug?

maybe on irc

I have not personally encountered this bug nor search to run nanohttpd.

you can eventually get more informations on our irc from lsantha or someone else.


my blog (in english and french)

i worked on this for the last 5hrs...

I had spoken to lsantha and took up this bug.. This was quite a while ago.. 4 or 5 weeks.. I could spend time only today and I think I have fixed the problem.. I'll discuss with lsantha in IRS sometime tomorrow and confirm..



I have tested your patch and it seems to work! This enables NanoHTTPD to serve files from under JNode.
The changes are in the CVS head.

Thanks a lot!


PS. It's time to set up a JNode based webserver on the internet... Eye-wink


I think the ability to run a webserver on JNode combined with techniques such as servlets would make the OS very attractive towards academics, as a research OS for university and college courses.

You don't want to know how burried Computer Science bachelors get in Java related assignments. You'd probably get the professors excited by offering the possibility alone. Laughing out loud