Wanted: JNode favicon

How can make a good favicon for the JNode website?

It should reflect our logo.



Hello, I would like to submit a logo I made a long time ago. As I'm developer/usability res and not a designer I kept it in my drawer. However I hope it's not so bad.

I have tried experimenting with a "node" motive. However I ended up with simple logo that should express Java by the vapour above the cup in simple square that should express simplicity. I have even simplified the favicon to be recognized easily.



... i could modify the logos, or provide more graphics if you wanted for both the web and OS. However the quality is limited by my skills, but could be enough until a pro designer arrives to JNode.

like the ICON

its well.........nice to seen .........thanks
liscence,trademark and removing the pure java portion.........its better to look

why removing "pure java" ?

why do you want to remove "pure java" ? do you mean it's licenced or trademarked (by sun) ?


my blog (in english and french)

without "pure java"

I have uploaded version without "pure java". Although I think it looks better (at least fo me), it loses very important information about JNode for people who don't know it.

I don't know about the copyright stuff, but if you think the logo is good enough, just say what you want and I'll try my best. I could also try to make some banners.


favicon software

There can use some favicon software to help do this, like icon forge, it support for favicons and the latest icon formats.


US$40 for a 16x16 pixel editor?!?
No GNU license?
No source code?
Not written in Java?
Doesn't run on my OS?
No thanks. Don't need that!

Edit: try this instead: http://linuxproblem.org/art_19.html
Robert "Exile In Paradise" Murphey

Less colors would be more elegant

I think that by making Isantha's icon use less colors would look more elegant. Red and blue would suffice to stick to JNode's standard colors. And if the "N" should be shorter from "J" then we have...

this one in png format and this one in ico format (the later having as transparent all white).

Or we can have it in gradient... in png format and in ico format (the later having as transparent all white).

How about this one?





This is a fun one!


Perhaps something like


Could you please scaled it down to 16 x 16 pixels? I think that's the standard favicon size.